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All-in-one CRM cloud based solution
Grow your business faster by building lasting relationships with your customers, through every step of the customer journey.

Grow Your Business with CRM+

Sales & Marketing

Build stronger relationships with the customers and streamline and automate your sales & marketing...

Services & Workflow

Streamline your service processes with workflow and management tool...

Document Management

Receive, track, manage and store documents and reduce paperwork...

Student Recruitment

Easily manage the application process for your students and monitor their progress ...

Finance Management

Well-managed finances go a long way in promoting healthy business operations...

Dashboard & Reporting

Snapshot of your business at your fingertips. Dashboard quickly gives you an insight...

As a business, customer engagement is your heartbeat. The ultimate goal of a business is to earn revenue by selling their product or services to the prospects and turn them into regular customer. This can be done only if the business is able to fulfill the needs of the users and in order to do that the businesses need to listen and understand to the needs of the target audience.
As a business, communicating about your product and services is must, but the customers and prospects must be able to understand how your products are going to fulfill their needs.
CRM+ will help businesses engage their customer with the products and services, apart from streamlining your sales pipeline they offer you features that help your automate your sales process in a smoother manner.

Manual processes slow down sales and marketing efforts and hamper customer service. CRM+ helps you overcome this issue and support customer-focused strategies with fewer resources. CRM+ helps you manage a wealth of customer information in one central location and automates key processes throughout your organization so you can consistently deliver exceptional customer service at all times.
We all know that errors and redundancy waste valuable time in any process. Workflow automation eliminates those problems and paves the way for smooth processes even in difficult conditions. With a set of predefined and repeatable best-practice workflows in place, CRM+ can:
- Reduce administrative errors.
- Improve business process efficiencies.
- Improve communication and collaboration.
- Drive user adoption.

CRM+ makes the process of selling easier from the sales floor all the way up to the corporate offices. CRM+ provides a single location for your customer notes and activity, enabling you to quickly assess what their past needs were and what future needs they may have. You can also view similar customers and compare any issues or customizations that they needed to help provide a better experience for other customers.
CRM+ can help you improve business performance by
Improving sales efficiency: Prioritise leads and opportunities that are highly likely to convert and close based on customer interactions with your company.
Boosting sales effectiveness: Know which customers are engaged and the right time to reach out for optimal response.
Reducing time to close: Instantly align your team on the next steps to close a deal when you have a 360-degree view of your customer.