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I’m a Small Business Owner: Do I Really Need a CRM?

It’s Monday morning, and you’re staring at your computer, waiting for the coffee to kick in. Your inbox has 3,700 emails, and 152 of them are unread. You’ve got three hundred or so contacts in Outlook (or is it Gmail?) and a stack of business cards on your desk.

CRM for School Made Simple

Today, a good customer relationship management (CRM) platform is the backbone of many successful student recruitment efforts. A CRM is a customer-centric system that can help education professionals nurture relationships with prospects and enrollees, produce data-driven insights to illustrate progress towards goals, and streamline their admissions and marketing initiatives to save time and effort.

What Is Service CRM?

Today, perhaps more than ever, service and support departments are at the forefront of a company’s success. Customer success depends on synergizing customer service representatives with the rest of the company. Generating valuable customer data is integral to this process.

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